We offer:
  •  personalised projects
  •  a vast range of models
  •  infinite conformations and colours
  • every detail is finished with the utmost care
  • high quality materials
  • two year guarantees
  • prices that are always "made to measure"
  • easy payment terms
-For home owners
Added value to your living area. Palmo stairs are made to take you higher, to decorate, to gain space.
Come and find out how much freedom a staircase can provide, becoming the real focal point of your living area. 

-For the designer
Solutions made to measure.
Palmo staircase provides a complete range of personalised solutions and is the perfect choice for both the designer and the end user, for use in rebuilding or upgrading work. The current trend of "open space" in the home, with close attention paid to gaining space, now practically considers the staircase as an integrative interior design element. The colour combinations, the choice of the materials, the details and the conformations make this a unique and unmatchable staircase, always offering a "made to measure" price. Our innovative and multi-functional projects are in perfect harmony with the "home of the third millennium". A guaranteed added value element, in that it is a product of an UNI ISO 9001 certified company.
-For the builder
Projects for modern living.

The Palmo staircase, included in its basic version in the building firm specifications, is an excellent combination of design and price and a guaranteed element of added value, in that it is a product of an UNI ISO 9001 certified company. The current trend of making use of smaller and smaller living spaces, now considers the staircase as
a fundamental element for the living space, and no longer as just a simple building finishing component. Our company designs innovative products that enhance and integrate the staircase more and more with the other interior design related choices. Our range includes products that have been patented and tested according to
the most severe testing systems, and we can satisfy any need that the end user may have. The combination of the colours, the choice of the materials, the details and conformations make the Palmo staircase unique and unmatchable, always offering a "made to measure" price. In the UNI (National Italian Standards Body) context we
have contributed towards the creation of standards for prefabricated stairs and for the relative railings and balustrades.

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