Open staircases

Stairs which are made to take you higher, to decorate, to gain space.

Come and find out how much freedom a staircase can provide, becoming the real focal point of your living area.
We offer: - personalised projects; - a vast range of models; - infinite conformations and colours; - every detail is finished with the utmost care; - high quality materials; - two year guarantees; - prices that are always ?made to measure?; - easy payment terms.

Executive Line. A new concept of staircase, essential and...
Knock 06 stands for a high degree of adaptability to every...
The warm shades of wood expressed in the most classic wooden staircases models...
Trasforma turns the staircase into a precious element of interior...
The modular concept in its highest expression...
Executive Line. Stair Prima is the fruit of the collaboration between Rintal and Giugiaro Architettura
Executive Line. Metropol a beautifully designed staircase featuring a double supporting structure in...
Stair Loft Contemporary and emotional. Rigorous but passionate. These are the characteristics of Loft, the new solution by Rintal
Stair Monolama Monolama has the same and elegant line as Metropol.
Executive Line. Knock Design designs some unique light routes
Stair Knock Wood Rintal Stair SystemTM is the new system that allows to design and look at a stair not only as a structural element,
Stair Knock Basic Knock Basic is characterised by a high adaptability keeping always constant the harmony between the structures in varnished steel

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