Tube 42 Railings

Tube 42 Railings

Tube 42 is the ultimate revenge of basic shapes that are reinvented to meet the
regulatory requirements of public and crowded places, both indoors and outdoors.

Tube 42 is characterised by a newel with a circular cross-section O 42.4 made of AISI 304 satin finish or AISI 316
polished steel.

The newels are connected by glass panels or other thick material ranging from 8 to 10 mm
and can be installed on the flooring or at the side of the floor slab.

The handrail, available in AISI 304 satin finish or AISI 316 polished,
can be secured to the newels or to the wall using special fasteners.

The extreme solidity of Tube 42 makes it perfect for solutions for both private and public environments,
both indoors (AISI 304) and outdoors (AISI 316).

N.B.Railings with panels must be installed in two stages.The size of the panels can be only be
calculated after the installation of all the steel components.
To purchase panels, consult a specialised dealer.

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