Dome Rooflights - Cupola

Dome Rooflights

  • All the domed rooflights marketed by Faelux, are obtained from flat sheets of polycarbonate with a thermoforming process, which involves heating the sheets and shaping them by means of female/male moulds. The thermoforming process is the result of cutting edge, computer controlled machines with software programs that contain the data for the different materials and moulds used. After the thermoforming process, the forms are trimmed in a 5-axis cutting machine, also controlled by specific programs for each type of form. The domes are completed in the assembly department where they join the outer skin with the inner one, ready for shipment.
  • Υou can find the sections dedicated to the following types of domed rooflights:

    -->Square model CQ
    -->Circular model CC
    -->Rectangular mod. CR

Square Dome Rooflight (square model CQ)
Round - Circular Dome Rooflight (Circular model CC)
Rectangular Dome Rooflight (Rectangular model CR)

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