Roof Windows

Roof Windows

A well-lit room is liveable and pleasant; in places like attics, lofts or rooms with very high ceilings, the installation of roof windows is essential. Roof windows made by Faelux, a company operating throughout Italy, based in the province of Forlì-Cesena, allow you to enjoy natural light and create an airy and perfectly liveable environment.

Our proposals are manifold, able to adapt in a functional manner to any context, and it is possible to choose the model with the most suitable type of opening for your roof.

Faelux Strongpoints:

  • SPECIALISTS IN NON-STANDARD SIZES! Faelux has custom-made roof windows in non-standard sizes (in the dimension you want) ready for delivery within 4-5 weeks.
  • Faelux windows are created using the most advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • Faelux guarantees quality and professionalism for over 35 years

Roof Window Ba with rotating opening.
Roof Window VB dual action frame, top hung and combined top hung and centre pivot.
Roof Window VL top hung frame.
Roof Window L plus with side hung frame.
Roof Window Jolly with flap opening frame.

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