The new collection of Banisters and Railings for masonry structures presents a unique and distinctive design,
ideal for both internal and external architecture.

Available in different shapes, colours and finishings,
Rintal's Banisters and Railings offer a total personalization and versatility,
thanks to the fact that it shares the majority of clamps and components.

Thanks to this characteristic,
it is therefore possible to change and rennovate ones chosen Solution also subsequently to its installation,
coherently with the new philosophy of  the Rintal Stair System™ developped in collaboration with
Giugiaro Architecture which is at the helm of Rintal's entire project research.

Railings Minimal Synthesis of the wisdom of Italian tradition and the minimal purity of modern shapes,
Leaf railings Through the fluid, rational shapes, the Leaf project reinterprets the living function of the railing in a contemporary style.
Multiblade railings Multiblade represents a radically new approach to the concept of railings.
Tube railings Tube is the railing where the essentiality of the lines reaches a radical aesthetic dimension.
Vela prima railings From the creative genius of Giugiaro Architettura comes Vela, a railing project with an exclusive, elegant design,
Trasforma railings Trasforma is the railing where the essentiality of the lines reaches a radical aesthetic dimension.
Zenith Railing Zenith is a project that makes safety its starting point.
Minimal Plus Railings Minimal Plus is the expression of the combination of simplicity and safety.
Zenith Plus Railings Zenith Plus gives a new perspective to living safety, combining the lightness of glass with a solid,
Tube 33 Railing is the response to a simple and synthetic design request, which sees the forms of its expressive strength in essentiality and synthesis.
Tube 42 is the ultimate revenge of basic shapes that are reinvented to meet the regulatory requirements of public and crowded places
Qube Railings Qube is the railing that leaves behind the curved lines to make way for new cubic shapes, which combine the

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