Qube Railings

Qube Railings

Qube is the railing that leaves behind the curved lines to make way for new cubic shapes,
which combine the lightness of transparency with the solidity of steel.
The result is a design solution that from functional becomes conceptual, from useful becomes essential.

Qube is characterised by a newel with a square cross-section 40x40 cm made of AISI 316 polished steel.

The newels are connected by glass panels or other thick material ranging from 8 to 10 mm
and can be installed on the flooring or at the side of the floor slab.
The handrail, available in AISI 316 polished steel, can be secured to the newels or to the wall using special fasteners.

The quality of the Qube finishes make it highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and therefore
perfect for solutions intended for outdoor use.

N.B.Railings with panels must be installed in two stages.
The size of the panels can be only be calculated after the installation of all the steel components.
To purchase panels, consult a specialised dealer.

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